Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling 2009 Columbia Valley

I'm hoping to convince my book club girls that they really do like Real Wine (instead of that good-but-just-barely-wine Electra). My subtle method is to force them to try new wines at our meetings. The girls seem to favor sweeter wines, so this month I brought a Riesling. The label says it's in the middle of the road, right between medium dry and medium sweet.

What can I say about its appearance, other than that it is a nice clear pee yellow? (Red wine is just so much prettier.) This Riesling has a very pleasant and fresh taste, and I totally get the pear that the label mentions. The peach is much more subtle, although that's actually a good thing for me. I still harbor a massive taste aversion from the Unfortunate Peach Schnapps Incident of the late 80s.

So it appears that I've finally found another white that I like, to go with the lovely Purple Cow Muscat. I need to do a Riesling tasting flight to see if I prefer this one to any others. Unfortunately the Book Club Girls were not so appreciative. (That's not entirely disastrous . . . more for me!) I'll just have to keep working on them. Any recommendations for Gateway Wines?


  1. There is something about bubbles that will overcome even the most staunchly opposed. Gloria Ferrar's Blanc de Noir is a very nice 15.00 dollar of champange. In fact, we jokingly call it the house champagne.

  2. That's funny, because I've never found a champagne I've really enjoyed. Wait, that's not right. I've *enjoyed* champagne. But I haven't especially liked the taste of it. I much prefer regular wine. But I will definitely have to give your suggestion a try and see what I think of it!