Monday, December 19, 2011

Crème de Lys Chardonnay 2010 California

The lady at Tom's Jug House (yes, Tom's is a new one for me!) made this wine sound SO GOOD. Of course, she mostly just read the yummy bits off the label aloud to me: "Rich and creamy . . . lush flavors of tropical fruit, baked apple and citrus . . . VANILLA AND CRÈME BRÛLÉE!" (I really think she actually shouted that last part.)

She sold me on it. Quickly. She had me at "You ought to try this one," in fact. But I forgot about the part where I don't really care much for white wine. (Have I mentioned that before?) And not only that, but when I tasted it I didn't get the richness, the creaminess, the fruits, the vanilla OR the crème brûlée (sad face). It tasted a bit bland (watery, even!) and it made my mouth long for a solid, spicy red. What I really need to do is recognize the fact that when I am craving crème brûlée, I shouldn't bother reaching for a wine that claims it tastes like that most delectable of desserts. That's like eating baked chips! Or listening to one of the more recent Journey albums! And if I'm looking for something "rich and creamy" this close to Christmas, I should really just go straight for the eggnog. (Yeah, and now my mouth is watering.)

But the experiment was not a total loss, because I was introduced to Tom's Jug House, and that is exciting for two reasons. First, because (though I suppose this could be attributed to the novelty of the place) they seemed to have a different--and wider--selection of wine than I've grown accustomed to. And second, because they have Wine Wednesdays! That sounds great. *I* should have Wine Wednesdays. (Who am I kidding? I have Wine Every Day days.) But at Tom's Jug House, Wine Wednesdays means 10% off all wine! Now, I was too delirious with joy during my visit to notice whether that's actually a good deal, or whether a wine sale just means TJH just brings their prices down to Party Factory levels. But I'll definitely be visiting Tom's again. On a Wednesday!

I probably won't listen to the recommendations for whites next time, though.